Relief is one of the three core principles of Freemasonry. Lodge Charity Stewards and Almoners have a vital role to play in supporting the welfare of Freemasons, their family members and the wider community.


Being a Charity Steward requires enthusiasm, flair, tact and sensitivity, and the ability to build relationships with members and, on social occasions, their families and guests.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation, guided by a group of masonic fundraisers, has written a guide to assist and support you in carrying out your duties. The guide is adaptable to suit individual and local circumstances and will be updated to meet future needs.

You can view and download the guide here.


One of the core values of Freemasonry is to look after the welfare of members.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation and a group of Provincial Grand Almoners have produced the Almoner’s Guide to assist lodge almoners in fulfilling their role.

This guide will be of particular use to newly appointed Lodge Almoners, whilst also serving as a continuous reference document for those who are more experienced in providing the excellent pastoral care needed within their local community.

A series of supplementary fact sheets have been created for Lodge Almoners on a number of topics ranging from bereavement to mental health. Copies of the popular ‘Almoner’s Briefing’ are also available. Please visit the MCF's website where you can view and download these resources and more.