The first step in this section, Step 7: Preparing the Candidate for Initiation, marks the beginning of mentoring. 

 If the Interview Panel recommends him as a suitable candidate then he is proposed, balloted for and prepared for initiation.  This Step provides guidance on what you can do to prepare the candidate and begin the mentoring process.

That is continued in Step 8: Supporting the new Freemason, which provides a framework for meeting the needs and interests of the new member.

The Personal Mentor, whether he be a sponsor or another experienced Freemason, provides the new member with support tailored to his individual needs, as he goes through the ceremonies and experiences aspects of Freemasonry for the first time. 

Step 10: Retaining our members, outlines how continued mentoring will build members’ interest, confidence and commitment.

Retention involves a series of positive activities a Lodge can undertake to help the new member gain enjoyment and satisfaction and to grow in his commitment, and preventive activities to respond to any signs of dissatisfaction.