If you have already identified prospective new members (Step 2), Step 3: Approaching prospective candidates will guide you through how you can raise the topic of Freemasonry and discuss it with them.

In this Step, a member or members approach a prospective candidate to find out whether he might be interested in Freemasonry and to help him learn enough about us to decide whether he wishes to pursue membership.  Note: this is not an invitation to join; the candidate must still ask to become a Freemason and acceptance will depend upon suitability.

If someone approaches you with an interest in Freemasonry, or you receive a referral from another body in Freemasonry, Step 4: Responding to enquiries, will help you follow up the enquiry and decide whether you wish to consider them for membership of your Lodge.

This Step is an alternative to Step 3 and is followed when a “potential candidate” approaches the Lodge, or is referred to the Lodge, with an expression of interest.  Such approaches need to be validated and sponsors found.

After using either Step 3 or Step 4, then use Step 5: Preparing the applicant for interview, to check the applicant’s suitability and to progress his application for membership. 

In this Step, sponsors discuss Freemasonry and membership in detail, to screen the prospective candidate, to determine whether he meets the qualifications for membership. 

Finally, use Step 6: Interviewing the applicant, to plan, run and follow-up the applicant’s interview.

In this Step, the prospective candidate is now an “applicant”.  He completes a Grand Lodge Registration Form and goes to formal interview.  A small permanent interview panel conducts the interview on behalf of the Lodge Committee.