You can start attracting new members to your Lodge by following Step 1: Lodge planning, to make sure your Lodge is “fit for the future”, attractive and relevant to potential members.

In this Step, the Lodge prepares and agrees a plan comprising:

  • a review an update of its current practices
  • a Lodge profile
  • if appropriate, a profile of its “ideal candidate”
  • how it will increase its visibility in its local community
  • the assignment of specific responsibilities related to the introduction of new members.

When the plan is complete, you can go on to Step 2: Identifying prospective candidates, to consider people who might become future members.

In this Step, Lodge members use various techniques.  One very successful approach is to create “long lists” of people members know from different aspects of their lives (eg, Family members, Work colleagues, Social club members, Friends, Fellow worshipers, etc), and then, using the profiles compiled in Step 1, they prepare a “short list” of appropriate people who might be approached with a view to joining the Lodge.